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Sedation Therapy

​Sedation ​Dentistry in Keller, TX

Dental Interventions with ease and comfort at ​The DoK

If you are one among those inflicted with dental fear, anxiety and uneasiness the right way to get dental treatments for yourself would be to apply sedation. Our sedation does not necessarily mean the application of anesthetics. It may simply imply sending you into a subconscious state where you will not feel the pain while undergoing any dental procedure we offer.

Our team of experts are well trained in their respective fields and therefore are skilled enough to administer the required amount of sedation on you, just to keep you out of the pain. Patients can often walk back home on their own after a particular procedure is done.

Don’t fear the dentist! Schedule An Appointment with us ​or call us at (817) 697-0177 to discuss your sedation therapy options with our proficient dentist in Keller, TX.

Sedation and its types

As is commonly known, sedation comes in 3 variants - Inhaled, Oral and Intravenous (IV).

Types of ​sedation ​we offer at Dentist Of Keller include:

  • Inhaled Sedation - The patient is made to inhale ‘nitrous oxide’, also known as laughing gas! This sedation wears off easily not long after you are done with procedure and you can comfortably walk back from our office.
  • Oral - .This is simply to make you sleepy! A pill (usually hailing from the valium family) is given and is sometimes punched in with some amount of laughing gas too, that works as a sedation agent.
  • IV - In intravenous sedation, the sedating drug is injected into the veins of the patient. Usually he/she needs some time to recover from the trance, even after the procedure is done.

Don’t Let the Anxiety Keep You Away

Being able to relax during your trip to the dentist is very important to us and that is why we offer a variety of sedation therapies to our patients. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to let your Keller, TX dentist know. Your comfort is our number one priority.

​Dr. Allen Charles prioritizes and understands your dental needs​. At The DoK you will receive the care you deserve in the most convenient way possible. So entrust your dentist at Keller, TX ​and call us at (817) 697-0177 for Appointments!

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Dr. Charles is thorough and the staff is friendly. I got a filling and never felt any pressure while they worked. I also watched Netflix to pass the time. Very satisfied.

Emily F.

Dr. Charles is an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly dentist. You're going to be well taken care of!

Tuan P.

You'll be in great hands with Dr. Charles! He's super friendly and does a great job making patients feel comfortable during their dentist visits. He's able to accommodate even the most nervous patients and offers nitrous oxide and oral sedation if needed. Just ask him about it during your next visitation.

Shivonne J.

I had an excellent experience! The staff is very friendly and the environment is great! They have a new and loyal patient in me and I highly recommend them!

Anthony N.

Dr. Charles and staff were incredibly friendly and personable. They created a comfortable atmosphere and walked me through every step of my appointment. Pricing was discussed before treatment, my appointment started right in time and I was out in about an hour!

Jade A.



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