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It is important to have a clear notion of the number dental and oral problems that you can address with the use of orthodontic techniques. The list includes a number of complex issues that our DoK - dentist of Keller would resolve, utilizing his orthodontic knowledge and skills. To list a few among them are:

​Administering Orthodontic Treatment Can Help Your Dentist Resolve:

●  Malocclusions or biting problems [overbite; underbite and crossbite]
●  Unwanted spaces in between the teeth
●  Stammering issues: lisping and speech difficulties are resolved at our dental office with the help of orthodontic appliances.
●  TMJ issues: when both the jaws do not fall in place with each other, soreness and pain is felt in the jaws. This misalignment in your jaws is corrected with the  aid of orthodontic appliances.
●  Lack of straightly aligned teeth: teeth with unwanted differences in height.

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Appliance that would resolve your issue

We offer the latest technology when it comes to straighter teeth and we will ensure that we help you choose the best option for your own personal needs.

Some of the common orthodontic appliances that are administered to our patients are:

  • Traditional braces 
  • Appliances for jaw re-positioning (deals with TMJ pain issues)
  • Invisalign (which are clear see-through aligners)
  • Space makers (used to correct lack of even a negligible amount of space between teeth)

A neatly aligned teeth could only give you an attractive and heartwarming smile. To own a set of clean, straight and glistening teeth, you need to visit our boutique-style office, equipped with facilities like digital X-rays, imaging on a 50-inch flat screen TV and other state-of-the-art facilities for a unique dental treatment experience. We assure you that your new smile would certainly convince you to schedule your next appointment with us!

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Dr. Charles is thorough and the staff is friendly. I got a filling and never felt any pressure while they worked. I also watched Netflix to pass the time. Very satisfied.

Emily F.

Dr. Charles is an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly dentist. You're going to be well taken care of!

Tuan P.

You'll be in great hands with Dr. Charles! He's super friendly and does a great job making patients feel comfortable during their dentist visits. He's able to accommodate even the most nervous patients and offers nitrous oxide and oral sedation if needed. Just ask him about it during your next visitation.

Shivonne J.

I had an excellent experience! The staff is very friendly and the environment is great! They have a new and loyal patient in me and I highly recommend them!

Anthony N.

Dr. Charles and staff were incredibly friendly and personable. They created a comfortable atmosphere and walked me through every step of my appointment. Pricing was discussed before treatment, my appointment started right in time and I was out in about an hour!

Jade A.


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