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Protect your damaged teeth before it’s too late!

Dental fillings are the most common and easiest way to protect your teeth that are damaged by cavities. Even the most diligent ones at oral care might get cavities. The damaged portion of your tooth is removed by your dentist after which a hollow space is created. Protecting this hollow space created is the most significant functionality of dental fillings!

Fillings can be utilized for oral care even before the tooth gets damaged by cavities. This happens especially in the case of the back teeth or molars. Your molars have a broad chewing surface and are therefore more prone to cavity-causing bacteria. Fillings provide a guard against this as they prevent food from being retained back on the tooth’s surface!

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Steps Involved In ​A Dental Filling Treatment:

A Dental filling is not as intimidating a process as it seems to be. To have a better understanding of this, you need to have the step-by-step process listed below.

  • Anesthesia - Since dental fillings are a simple procedure, anesthesia is usually not required. However, since many patients turn up with sensitive teeth, the surrounding gums are sometimes numbed before the procedure is started.
  • Removing the decay: The decayed portion of the tooth is entirely drilled out thus creating enough room for the fillings to be placed..
  • Etching - This allows the fillings to bond better. It consists of applying an acid gel which enables the creation of small etchings thus allowing the filling material to etch more strongly to your tooth.
  • Bonding - The filling is finally placed with the application of a resin.
  • Polishing - To make the fillings less noticeable from the outside, the tooth is polished. It also makes biting a bit more comfortable.

After checking out these steps, you will certainly not keep yourself from getting a filling done on your teeth. If you have further queries, you can get them easily answered by getting in touch with us at Keller, TX today!

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