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Emergency Dentist​ In Keller, TX

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In cases of dental emergencies, it is most crucial to detect one. Sometimes, even if your tooth meets with an accident, an emergency may not necessarily arise. At other instances, negligence of a simple tooth pain may become acute and evolve as a dental emergency that needs to be immediately dealt with!

​Dental Emergencies ​We ​Deal With:

In most emergency cases, it is not the normal business hours. We welcome patients patiently and handle them with utmost care,  even if you drop by our office in the middle of the night or during a holiday. We are keen to cater to all your emergency situations with the most compassionate patient handling by our entire team of dedicated dental staff. Cases that we are often required to handle are:  

  • Acute tooth pain
  • Swollen and sore gums
  • A broken tooth, due to some accident
  • Bleeding after an oral surgery or some dental procedure
  • A tooth goes numb gradually
  • Soreness or pain in the jaws
  • Even an acute headache may be a symptom of an emergency

We offer same-day appointments for oral emergencies and financing for those who qualify, so the price isn’t a deterrent for getting the care you need. Contact our Keller, TX dental office today at (817) 697-0177.

Does a broken tooth call for an emergency?

A broken tooth may be of various types - all of which may not call for an emergency situation, but some may! 

​Types Of Broken Tooth

  • Craze lines(simple cracks on the tooth’s surface)
  • Chips
  • Broken cusps
  • Split root
  • Severe breaks

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​In order to find out which situation would demand an emergency dealing with the issue, you need to meet our dentist Dr. Allen Charles, at Keller, TX and get to know more both about dental emergencies and his emergency handling skills too!

Call our office now at (817) 697-0177 to Book An ​Appointment as soon as possible for ​urgent dental care and assistance in Keller, TX.

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Dr. Charles is thorough and the staff is friendly. I got a filling and never felt any pressure while they worked. I also watched Netflix to pass the time. Very satisfied.

Emily F.

Dr. Charles is an incredibly knowledgeable and friendly dentist. You're going to be well taken care of!

Tuan P.

You'll be in great hands with Dr. Charles! He's super friendly and does a great job making patients feel comfortable during their dentist visits. He's able to accommodate even the most nervous patients and offers nitrous oxide and oral sedation if needed. Just ask him about it during your next visitation.

Shivonne J.

I had an excellent experience! The staff is very friendly and the environment is great! They have a new and loyal patient in me and I highly recommend them!

Anthony N.

Dr. Charles and staff were incredibly friendly and personable. They created a comfortable atmosphere and walked me through every step of my appointment. Pricing was discussed before treatment, my appointment started right in time and I was out in about an hour!

Jade A.


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