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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Keller, TX

Forget ‘missing tooth’ woes with our Dental Implants

A lost tooth would make you end up with ‘lost confidence’. No matter what your age is or which profession you are pursuing, a loss of confidence hampers your personal as well as social well being. Why suffer so much when your dentist of Keller, TX provides you with the latest Implants technology that restores your tooth and redefines your smile in a new manner! Our dental implant is one of the best possible restoration procedures that give your set of teeth a smart and appealing look. This is because our implants successfully bring back the natural look of your original teeth. This in turn makes Implants the most popular choice among tooth restoration methods.

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The Implant Posting ​Procedure

Our dental implants consist of two titanium post which is embedded into your gums on either side of the hollow space (created by your lost tooth).  Next, we will surgically place the titanium posts into your jawbone after a thorough examination. These posts act similar to the natural roots that provide superior stability and functionality to your mouth.

Benefits of Titanium Posts

Titanium gradually fuses with the jawbone since this metal has the property to merge with the bone mass of your jaws! Once embedded in its place, it almost becomes permanent. Implants are known to last for a minimum period of 20 to 30 years!

Steps involved in our Dental Implants procedure are:

  • Tooth Extraction
  • Grafting the socket
  • Placing the Implant
  • Placing the abutment in between the implants (as a base for the crown)
  • Putting the crown above the abutment (after choosing the type - artificial or permanent)

Although this procedure is time-consuming (implants need some time to fuse with your jawbone) and might sound a bit intimidating, its longevity would compel you to go for this, if you are in search of a permanent solution. Moreover, your day-to-day living would not be disrupted in any manner.

If you are yet to decide whether to go for this technique as a measure to solve your missing tooth problem, contact us today at (817) 697-0177 and get all your questions answered.

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