dental implants, Keller

Dental implants are an ideal option to choose when it comes to replacing one or multiple teeth that are missing or damaged. Though, there are still a percentage of the population who are unaware of what dental implants are and the benefits offered by this particular treatment. In this blog, we are going to talk about the perks of choosing dental implants over the other teeth replacement treatment options. 

Top Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Helps to prevent bone loss – You need to know that loss of teeth can lead to loss of bone in your jaw. The reason behind it is pretty simple. The human jawbone requires stimulation from the teeth to maintain bone mass. So, missing teeth can create a serious issue. This problem can be easily solved by getting dental implants at a dental office. 
  • Looks like your natural teeth – People often hesitate to undergo teeth replacement treatment as they think it might not match their natural teeth. This is not the case with dental implants. They are specifically designed to look, feel, and function like human teeth. So, you will have to face no trouble. 
  • Helps to restore your bite force – Losing your teeth can make you face problems while chewing your food. Missing teeth hampers your bite force. The dental implants are generally anchored into the jaw. So getting implants lets you bite with almost a similar amount of force that you could use with the natural teeth. 
  • Improves your speech – Most of the teeth replacement options such as dentures and bridges can affect your speech. Dental implants on the other hand don’t lead to unnecessary slurred speech. It can improve your speech to an extent. 
  • Prevent alteration of your facial structure – Your teeth support the facial structure. So, when you lose a tooth or many teeth, there is a high chance of your facial structure getting changed. Resolve this issue by just going for implant treatment. 
  • Won’t get dental cavities – Dental cavities are a very common dental problem. Fortunately, dental implants are made of materials that are not prone to decay. So, you will not have the tension of facing such an issue. Though, make sure to not compromise with the oral hygiene routine. Brush at least twice a day and floss daily.
  • Easy to maintain – Dental implants are not that difficult to maintain. All you need to do is brush, floss, and use a mouthwash regularly. 
  • Lasts long – Dentures and bridges either need to be replaced or repaired after 5-10 years. This is absolutely not the thing with implants. If maintained properly, implants can last for a lifetime. 
  • Doesn’t affect the adjacent teeth – Getting implants will not affect your adjacent teeth.

Final Words

We hope that you now know why getting dental implants can be a great choice if you have missing teeth. Implants are not very costly and every dollar spent in this treatment will pay you back with the benefits. You just need to fulfill a few criteria:

  • You must have healthy teeth and gums
  • Your jaw should have enough bone mass
  • You should ideally not smoke regularly
  • You should maintain a proper oral hygiene routine

So if you are facing problems related to missing teeth, do not even think twice to go for dental implants treatment. Contact The DoK – Dentist of Keller, if you are looking for the best implant dentistry services in Keller, TX. We have the most reliable implant dentist in town who will not just deal with all your issues but also provide an answer to any queries related to the treatment. Just give us a call and schedule your visit!