Even though you might never wish it to happen to you, dental emergencies are quite common. Over recent years, more Americans have been visiting hospital emergency care to receive oral treatments, as per the American Dental Association (ADA). Are you dealing with a dental problem and unsure about whether it’s a dental emergency? Then, here’s how you will realize what kind of dental care you require! And also how to find an Emergency Dentist if you need one!

What constitutes a Dental Emergency?

  • Loose tooth
  • Severe toothache
  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen jaw
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Cracked or fractured teeth
  • Mouth tastes like metal

Finding an Emergency Dentist

  • First, contact your dentist instantly if you’re facing an emergency. The ADA states that maximum dentists pause all their scheduled work for attending to emergency patients. So you may be able to visit your dentist instantly.
  • Where are they located? Usually when there’s a dental emergency, the nearer the dental office, the better. If you reside far away from your dentist’s office, you can use the ADA’s online tool. The tool helps to look for a certified dentist near you.
  • If your emergency occurs overnight, on the weekend or during a holiday — still try to contact your dentist. Their voicemail message may render instructions for emergencies or the contact number for a local on-call Emergency Dentist.
  • Always look for Affordability! Does your dental office accept your insurance? Not every dental office accepts all kinds of dental insurance. If they don’t, you gotta pay for your treatment out of pocket. Understanding this beforehand can help you decide which office you should pick.
  • Is there any anesthesia available? Instant action may be needed, based on your dental emergency! In this case, anesthesia could aid you to relax so that pain is tackled during your treatment. Ask each potential dental office what category of anesthetic they are licensed to provide.
  • Always choose Modern Services! Is the facility neat and clean? Do you feel comfortable being treated there? If it isn’t clean and organized or the devices appear outdated, don’t hesitate to visit elsewhere. While you might be suffering with pain, it’s better to be treated in a sterile environment! And obviously, with the advanced technology and tools! Ensure the dental team is wearing the proper protective gear while attending patients, such as gloves.

Get the Immediate Care you need!

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Avoiding Emergencies!   

Implement healthy oral habits and also go for regular check-ups. A customized treatment plan can be created to address any issues before they turn into an emergency.

Things to do during Common Dental Emergencies

One great thing about this wing of dentistry is that emergency care provided by any dentist or hospital is covered by most dental insurance providers. It is therefore important to note down the after-hours number of your dentist in Keller or dental clinic. However, there are some dentists and offices that provide emergency care but are out-of-network dentists which give you a good reason to check your coverage before availing the service.

When do emergencies occur?

An emergency is a completely unprecedented affair. However, there are certain conditions, which when not addresses properly, could give rise to an emergency situation. Additionally, emergencies could occur while travelling. Depending upon your location of travel mostly, dental coverage differs. That is to say, your insurance provider covers emergencies up to a certain extent of geographic distance from your place of residence.

Insurances with nationwide network coverage are thus best to go for. Interestingly, there are some providers that offer emergency coverage in any location, even abroad. While it is essential to know what is covered, it’s also good to know what isn’t. Dental coverage often does not apply for urgent care visits and emergency room admissions simply.

Examples of a few common dental emergencies that you respond to immediately

A Knocked-Out Tooth:

Usually during a sports injury or any other trauma, your tooth may be knocked out. Both in case of a knocked tooth as well as a chipped tooth, the things to be done are more or less the same. 

  • Pick up the tooth by the crown (the exposed part of a tooth that remains above gum line.
  • Cleaning with plain water post this is highly recommended. Scrubbing should be strictly avoided at it could damages some tissues!
  • Slightly make an effort to put back the teeth from where it popped out. No force should however be applied.

A Chipped Tooth:

It could well be an injury and/or biting down on something hard. When you have a chipped tooth, all you need to do is:

  • Collect all the pieces of the tooth as much as you can find and store them safely.
  • Take them with you to your dentist as soon as you get the appointment.
  • In case you’re bleeding, place a thick amount of gauze on the affected area, preferably until the bleeding stops.
  • Applying a cold compress on the outer side of the cheek, below which your affected area lies. This is greatly effective.

Lost Dental Restorations:

If your dental restoration, such as a crown comes out loose, the following must be done:

  • Initially, apply some clove oil to the area with a cotton swab
  • Try placing the crown back to its original place and with the help of over-the-counter denture-adhesive, dental cement or simply toothpaste until you reach your dentist’s chamber.

Dental fillings function as a common restorative or preventive measure too. In case of a lost or worn out filling, a temporary measure is really effective. Chew a sugarless gum and place it over the cavity site unless you arrive at your dentist’s office. A sugar filled gum could cause pain but a sugarless one will not.

Something got caught in between the teeth:  

You could use a floss to remove the stubborn particle from where it got suck. If it is not effective, you should not attempt to use a pin or any sharp object. They could prove to be dangerous for both your teeth and gums. Remember that your gums are made up of soft tissues.

Soft-tissue injuries:

Soft tissues include tongue, cheeks, gums, and lips. Sometimes an unconscious bite could even result in injury to these tissues and consequent bleeding or soreness. In such a case, the situation should be addressed immediately with any of the following measures:

  1. A mild salt-water solution rinse.
  2. A cold compress from outside (above the cheeks) to relieve pain
  3. Apply a hot tea bag or wet gauge fro above your cheeks for at least 20 minutes.
  4. See your dentist as soon as possible if the bleeding does not stop.  

In all the above mentioned situations, as soon as your self-management of the condition is over, try calling your emergency dentist in Keller, TX. After the initial steps, a professional treatment is necessary to keep dire consequences at bay!